WWE News: Bayley Offers Title Shot To Polarizing Former Superstar, Gets Accepted

WWE superstar Bayley has remained in character on social media this weekend, and she has made it known how unhappy she is about Paige making her defend her SmackDown Women’s Championship in a Six-Pack Challenge match at WrestleMania. However, she may also have inadvertently booked a title defense against a former superstar.

Commenting on a Twitter post from Eva Marie, Bayley wrote, “Aye you want another title match? Paige handing them out like candy on Halloween.” This prompted a response from Eva, who enthusiastically accepted Bayley’s open challenge.

While it’s possible that Bayley and Eva were just passing some time on social media, it could also be a way of teasing the latter’s return. Eva has never ruled out returning to the company, and she expressed an interest in coming back last year.

During an interview with TV Insider, Eva revealed that her desire to wrestle remains intact, but she’d only consider a WWE return if the timing was right.

“I’m always going to have that itch. I absolutely love wrestling. You never know. It’s one of those things where things have totally taken off for the women of WWE… Of course, if the opportunity arises and the timing is how it’s supposed to be, I definitely would come back to shake things up because I can always bring the heat.”

Furthermore, Eva has also said in the past that she’d return to WWE just to face Bayley. As documented by WrestlingNews.co, the former superstar said that she learned a lot from Bayley and had the most fun wrestling her, and she’d love to have another program with her favorite opponent.

If WWE is keen on bringing Eva Marie back into the fold, this seems like the perfect opportunity for all parties involved. She seems more keen on short-term storylines and is clearly keen on wrestling Bayley. Furthermore, the company might also be keen on bringing back such a controversial performer.

Eva was disliked by the WWE Universe due to the consensus that she couldn’t wrestle at a respectable level. WWE even turned it into a storyline, as she used to come out to matches then find an excuse not to compete. It was then announced that she couldn’t wrestle, which suggested that she and the company were poking fun at the fan’s opinion of her.

However, while she wasn’t the fans’ favorite competitor, she was an effective heel and an entertaining personality. Now that she’s made a name for herself outside of the company as a reality television star, her increased star power might be appealing to Vince McMahon.

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