Pink’s Son, Jameson Hart, Takes A Spill When He Tries To Stand On Her Back During Dance Class

Pink got a little help from her 3-year old son, Jameson Moon Hart, during a dance class at home. The energetic tot gave his mother more of a workout by acting as a moving 40-pound weight.

Like many women, Pink is currently exercising at home instead of attending classes at a studio or working out at a gym. Luckily, Jameson has been doing his part to make sure that his mom doesn’t slack off while she’s self-isolated with her family.

On Sunday, Pink took to Instagram to share a video of what it’s like to take a dance class at home with a child who decides to entertain himself by using his mother as a living jungle gym. For her sweat session, the 40-year-old “So What” singer rocked a pair of skintight black leggings and a long-sleeved dark pink top over a long white shirt. She was also wearing a pair of black Nike sneakers.

Pink was carefully listening to instructions from choreographer Ryan Heffington, who has been doing live dance classes on Instagram. As upbeat dance music blared, Pink lowered herself down from the plank position so that she was lying chest-down on the floor. Jameson was in a similar position on her back.

The “Get the Party Started” hitmaker then arched her back and pushed her torso up so that she was performing the cobra yoga pose. As she was holding this position, Jameson stood up and tried to balance on his mother’s backside with his arms stretched out at his sides. Pink warned her son that she was about to go back up, and he flopped down on his belly on her back.

When the workout buddies tried repeating the move, Jameson’s attempt at standing up on Pink’s posterior wasn’t as successful; the little boy lost his balance and took a tumble. Luckily, he fell back onto his mother’s legs instead of the hardwood floor.

Over the span of two hours, Pink’s family workout video earned over 95,000 likes.

“Cutest weights ever!! Thank you for the time sharing!!!” read one response to her post.

“Always great having that extra weight/cutie on your back to help you out,” another fan wrote.

“Love this! Strengthening, toning & childcare combined. I’d try this but I think they’d kill me!!” a third admirer remarked.

Pink mentioned Ryan’s Instagram Live dance class in an Instagram video that she posted on Sunday. She revealed that she and her daughter, 8-year-old Willow, did the class together, and it was “so much fun.”

Pink has also been getting her yoga on at home with a little help from Jameson. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, he fulfilled his role as his mother’s weight by clinging to her back while she perfectly executed the difficult crow pose.

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