‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 59 Spoilers, Release Date: Is Goku’s Ultra Instinct Enough To Beat Moro?

The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super manga featured the return of Son Goku to Earth to save his home planet from being completely destroyed by Moro and his army. After helping his friends defeat the Galactic Prisoners, Son Goku will finally face their boss, Moro. Compared to their first faceoff, Son Goku has gone stronger and could use the power even the gods are having a hard time to achieve – Ultra Instinct.

Upon seeing Son Goku unleash Ultra Instinct, Moro knew that it isn’t a mortal ability. He immediately prepared himself to engage in a serious fight and see how powerful Son Goku becomes after his training with Merus at the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Unfortunately, fans would be needing to wait a little longer to see what will happen next as according to Otakukart, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 59 won’t be available until April 20.

“Dragon Ball Super Chapter 59 will be released on 20 April 2020. This Manga runs on a weekly schedule meaning that new episodes are released once every week and are 7 days apart Dragon ball super Chapter 58 was released on 20 March 2020, so this makes Chapter 59 to be released by Monday. Make sure to visit our site regularly as we will bring you more updates as soon as a new chapter is released.”

Though his fight against Moro has just started, the improvement in Son Goku’s battle power is already noticeable. When he fought Moro’s subordinates, Son Goku showed tremendous speed and like the Angels and Gods of Destruction, his Ki couldn’t be easily sensed by mortals. Dragon Ball Super fans are already aware of what Son Goku can do once he unleashes Ultra Instinct.

However, compared to the three times he used Ultra Instinct in the Tournament of Power, Son Goku can finally activate the special technique whenever he wants. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 59 is expected to reveal if Son Goku already succeeds to master Ultra Instinct and if his power would be enough to take down Moro.

Despite being aware of his strange power, Son Goku doesn’t look worried about Moro. Instead of being scared, Son Goku told Krillin that he is very excited to fight Moro again. However, Son Goku doesn’t want to be overconfident that he could win in their second faceoff, believing that Moro is yet to show to the full extent of his power.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 59 is also expected to feature the return of Vegeta to Earth. Like Son Goku, Vegeta also underwent intense training after suffering a massive defeat from the hands of Moro. However, instead of training with Son Goku and Merus, Vegeta decided to do things on his own and headed to Planet Yardrat.

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