Carrie Underwood And Brad Paisley Delight Fans With A Virtual Duet That Includes A Small Lyric Flub

Carrie Underwood helped Brad Paisley pull off a difficult feat in the name of keeping country music fans entertained. As reported by Pop Culture, the two singers treated their fans to an acoustic version of their 2011 duet, “Remind Me,” on Thursday. Their performance presented them with a unique challenge. Because everyone is being asked to self-isolate due to the spread of the coronavirus, they had to use FaceTime to sing together.

Brad actually livestreamed an entire living room concert on Instagram, and he’s now sharing highlights from it on his page. Before his performance with Carrie, Brad had to ask her to turn her phone sideways so that his viewers could see her better on his computer screen. He also asked her how she’s been holding up.

“Good. Good,” Carrie said. “I was just starting to get some dinner together. I would invite you over, but…”

“Yeah, we’re not supposed to,” Brad replied.

Brad had been asking his Instagram followers to request songs ahead of his concert, and he informed Carrie that “Remind Me” was one tune that his fans wanted to hear. She eagerly agreed to sing it with him, and the two did a phenomenal job performing together. Brad strummed the guitar as they both sang, and somehow they managed to avoid any serious video or audio lag issues.

However, while the technical side of their performance went smoothly, they did have to pause for a bit.

“What’s the second verse?” Brad stopped to ask Carrie.

“Uh, I start it,” she said.

“‘Remember the airport,’ yeah,” Brad replied.

Carrie got really into her performance, rocking her head back and forth and moving her phone along with the music. When it was over, Brad played some fake applause. He also asked Carrie if she saw the “crowd” that was watching them perform. It consisted of an assortment of stuffed animals that had been arranged on and around Brad’s couch.

Carrie jokingly suggested that some of the toys belonged to Brad, not his two sons, and he admitted that four of them were his. Brad then got in a playful dig of his own by telling Carrie not to give her husband, Mike Fisher, food poisoning.

Brad’s wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, was in charge of filming the duet, and she chimed in to say goodbye to Carrie right before Brad experienced “that awkward moment where it can’t even hang up.”

The comments section of Brad’s video was flooded with words of thanks from his appreciative fans.

“Thanks again for doing this last night. Was the highlight of the end of my shift at the hospital last night,” read one response to his video.

“Loved watching y’all live. Definitely brightened up my crazy week!” another fan wrote.

“Thank you for giving us this joy during these unprecedented times,” a third admirer remarked.

If Brad needs something else to do while he’s stuck at home, he can thank Carrie for providing him with some reading material. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, he’s the proud owner of a copy of Carrie’s new book, Find Your Path: Honor Your Body, Fuel Your Soul, and Get Strong with the Fit52 Life.

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