WWE News: Matt Hardy Explains Why He Turned Down ‘NXT’ To Sign With AEW

While Matt Hardy‘s appearance on the last episode of All Elite Wrestling‘s Dynamite wasn’t a huge surprise, rumors of him moving to NXT suggested that he was weighing several options and anything was possible. However, even though he did have conversations with Triple H about re-signing with WWE and moving to the black and gold brand, Hardy felt that he’d be creatively fulfilled elsewhere, which is why he joined AEW.

As documented by 411Mania, “The Broken One” took to Twitter over the weekend to respond to criticism from a fan who was unhappy about him joining AEW. The fan was of the opinion that Hardy would be used better in NXT, as he’d have “full creative control” and a better roster of opponents to compete against. Hardy didn’t agree with the fan’s sentiment, though, and explained why he turned down the chance to join the black and gold brand.

“I appreciate your passion, but it’s ultimately the same boss. My creative input is unquestionably greater at AEW. If you had to choose between 2 jobs, would you take less money for more days away? Or more money for less days away? I make smart choices for my family & legacy.”

With AEW, Hardy will only be required to work two days a week and he will also have the freedom to wrestle for other promotions at the discretion of Tony Khan. The company is also known to pay its performers well, and given that the weekly show airs on TNT, he’ll still have a mainstream spotlight. Furthermore, he’s another superstar with star power who will undoubtedly bring more eyes to the AEW product.

The company has already shown a willingness to let Hardy execute his ideas as well. The end of the last episode of Dynamite saw “Vanguard” appear, which is the name of a drone that’s been involved in some of his stranger storylines in the past. The former WWE star also appeared as his “Broken” persona, which he rejuvenated his career with a few years ago.

Hardy has also been thrust straight into a main event storyline, as he’s set to team up with The Elite — Cody Rhodes, Adam Page, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks — to take on Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle faction. The match will be the company’s first-ever Blood and Guts match, which is similar to the WarGames match that was popularized in WCW and is currently an annual attraction in NXT.

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