Kaley Cuoco Rocks A White Nightgown And Cuddles One Of Her Rescue Bunnies In Sweet Video

Kaley Cuoco looked content and comfy as she helped one of her rescue bunnies get acclimated to his new home.

The tiny tan rabbit, Simon, actually has his own Instagram page. However, Kaley only shares sporadic updates on the animal’s account every few weeks. On Wednesday, she delighted Simon’s followers by sharing the page’s first new post since January. It was a black-and-white video shot inside Kaley’s new home.

The 34-year-old former star of The Big Bang Theory was shown rocking a long white nightgown that featured a tiny floral print. The loose-fitting garment was sleeveless, and it had a square neckline trimmed with triangle lace. On her feet, Kaley was wearing a pair of fuzzy flip-flops.

The animal lover appeared to be wearing little or no makeup. She had her hair pulled up into a messy topknot that was beginning to fall over to the right side. A few locks of her blond tresses had also escaped from her loose bun.

Kaley was standing on the hardwood floor of her new house in front of a flight of stairs. She was holding Simon close to her chest, and the bunny’s twitching nose was almost touching her right shoulder.

Kaley was swaying back and forth as she cuddled Simon. She had her eyes closed, and she was exuding a serene and blissful vibe. Kaley smiled at the camera before addressing Simon in a baby voice.

“You want to say ‘hi’ to everybody?” she asked her content fur baby. “Say, ‘I’m right here. I’m in a rabbit habitat now.'”

Kaley planted a kiss on one of Simon’s chubby cheeks, and she described her pet as “perfect as ever.” She also mentioned her other rescue bunny, Leni. She said that Simon’s companion has a much different disposition. She described Leni as “feral,” and she remarked that the other rabbit won’t let her pick him up.

“Leni hates me,” Kaley stated.

However, snuggly Simon was clearly doing his part to make up for the other rabbit’s lack of affection for his owner.

Fans of the “Simon The Silly Rabbit” Instagram page couldn’t stop gushing over the bunny’s new video co-starring his mom. Kaley’s sleepwear was also a big hit.

“Please keep posting animal videos and pics…we really need this right now Kaley!” wrote one of Simon’s followers in the comments section of the post.

“LOVE the nightgown, hair, and slippers. All about this look right now. Also I need to adopt a bunny, so cute!!!!” another fan remarked.

“Simon is the hero we need right now,” read a third comment.

“How cute!!! I think you and Simon really should have your own show. Please stay safe and well,” a fourth admirer wrote.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kaley gave her fans a tour of Simon and Leni’s new rabbit habitat in a series of videos that she uploaded to her Instagram stories. She revealed the bunnies are living inside a small greenhouse in her temperature-controlled garage.

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