Ice-T Loves ‘Doom Eternal’ But Wants To Do Away With All The Jumping

Never let it be said Ice-T isn’t a true gamer. The rapper turned actor is, in fact, someone who represents himself rather well as a fan of video games in general. He’s also recently come out as a big fan of the recently released Doom Eternal. Much like the rest of the gaming public, he loves what he’s seen so far of Bethesda’s newest title, but he does have one gripe.

The actor, who even sports the Twitter user name @finallevel, said just what is bugging him about Doom Eternal. Ice-T tweeted that he has had enough of all the jumping.

As Comicbook points out, he isn’t necessarily alone in his critique of the title, which launched on Friday. March 21 was actually a big day for gamers in general, as Doom Eternal was one of two big releases. Animal Crossing: New Horizons also hit stores and digital store shelves on Friday and has its own celebrity following.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Brie Larson recently talked about how much she loves the Nintendo Switch exclusive. She even discussed that she’s played a ton of the games in the series and feels like it’s a kind of touchstone back to her childhood.

While Ice-T didn’t go so far as to say that about Doom Eternal, it too is the continuation of one of the longer-running series in video games. That series has evolved quite a bit over the years, going from an 8-bit appearance to photo-realistic graphics that sport quite the gore when the title’s character takes out any number of dangerous demons.

The last two iterations especially have been much beloved by the gaming community in general. This release is a direct follow-up to 2016’s Doom. Eternal picks up where that game left off, placing players on an earth that has been overrun by the denizens of hell.

Ice-T and his ilk might have some complaints about some aspects of the gameplay, but it’s gotten plaudits overall. Launched on the Xbox One, the Sony PlayStation 4 and PC, it is currently being rated as 90 percent on Metacritic. There is one interesting aspect of that rating, in that the user score is quite a bit lower, at 7.9 as of this writing.

Is it possible other fans are in total agreement with Ice-T regarding Doom Eternal’s odd mechanics with jumping from place to place a bit too often? So far, there hasn’t been a consensus by the critics, but that could be reached the longer the game is available.

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