Miranda Lambert Spins In A Cage And Flaunts Her Sparkly Legs In ‘Bluebird’ Music Video

Miranda Lambert gave a humble little bird a glitzy makeover for her “Bluebird” music video. However, unlike the song’s titular winged woodland critter, the country music star wasn’t flying wild and free. Instead, she was singing inside a giant spinning cage.

As reported by Entertainment Tonight, Miranda, 36, conducted a Q&A with her fans when the video premiered, and she revealed that she got a bit “dizzy” filming inside the golden cage. She also revealed that balancing on the contraption’s swing gave her quite a workout.

Speaking of working out, Miranda’s costume showed off her athletic legs. She was sporting sparkly sheer tights that made it look as though her legs were dusted with diamonds. The rest of her outfit was just as eye-catching. The showgirl-style getup included a short, off-the-shoulder dress in dark blue. It was covered with blue and white feathers embellished with glittering crystals.

The garment had a snug-fitting bodice with a lace-up back. It also featured a long feather train that resembled the tail of a bird.

Miranda accessorized her dazzling dress with a pair of bedazzled dark blue gloves, and she had strings of diamonds around her neck. On her feet, she wore a pair of strappy silver heels. Her makeup was even sparkly. The “Little Red Wagon” songstress was sporting shimmery blue eyeshadow that matched her outfit, and her eyelids were dotted with tiny jewels that glittered underneath the stage lights.

Miranda wore her blond hair parted to the side and styled in glamorous waves. At the end of her video, she left her cage and exited the small club wearing a long cape of white feathers. The garment added to the video’s Old Hollywood aesthetic.

Miranda’s character was giving an intimate performance to fewer than a dozen patrons. Her video also included a cameo by an actual bluebird in a cage. However, just like the singer, the tiny creature eventually managed to escape its cage and fly free.

Miranda informed her fans that her favorite part of shooting the “Bluebird” video was getting to dance around in her feathered costume when she wasn’t spinning in the cage.

“I liked shaking my tail feathers in between takes,” the singer wrote.

The “Bluebird” video was a big hit with Miranda’s fans.

“Literally got chills watching this! A ray of hope these days,” one admirer wrote on Instagram.

“This music video brightened my day, thanks Miranda! You made having to still go to work more tolerable,” another fan remarked.

Miranda co-wrote “Bluebird” with Luke Dick and Natalie Hemby. She told Entertainment Weekly that the song was inspired by a Charles Bukowski poem that Luke is fond of. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Miranda has also filmed a live version of “Bluebird” for her fans to enjoy.

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