No, The iPad Isn’t Cheap – Not In Europe

We’ve written a few posts about the Apple iPad. Duncan asks if the iPad is really that cheap? Steven confirms that iPad doesn’t save old media and Kim doesn’t know what an acceleromter is. Now get ready for the worst (from a European perspective). I have to pay $200 more to buy an iPad from Amazon Germany.

The iPad might be cheap in the US, but Apple has a tendency to believe that the Dollar and Euro basically is the same currency. It is NOT! 1 dollar costs 0.71 Euro. That means 1 Euro costs 1.41 US Dollars. So it is not ok to charge €499 for the “small” iPad, that Americans pay $499 for. That is a $200 price difference!

If I should decide to buy an iPad (when version 2 is out, I did the same with the iPhone) I’ll have to pay €829 for it. That is $1,165.66. Again a $336.66 price difference.

On the positive side you can now preorder an iPad on You can’t do that on the British Amazon yet. According to it will ship within 2-3 months. I doubt that.

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