Jax Taylor Slams Tom Sandoval For Using Him For ‘Pump Rules’ Storyline Due To His Own Life Being ‘Boring’

Jax Taylor believes Tom Sandoval used him and Brittany Cartwright for a Season 8 storyline on Vanderpump Rules.

After confirming to Daryn Carp on People TV that Sandoval crossed a line by confronting him about Cartwright’s family pastor during Peter Madrigal’s birthday celebration in Los Angeles, Taylor pointed out that his co-star knew about the controversial posts the pastor had made “for months.”

“He waited until Peter’s birthday because he had no storyline,” Taylor claimed, according to a clip shared on YouTube on March 18. “He had nothing going on in his life because his life is so f**king boring. So, he decided, let’s bring this up at Peter’s birthday party.”

According to Taylor, a true friend would have come directly to him about the issue and informed him of the matter in an effort to protect him. However, Sandoval did no such thing. Instead, after sitting on the information about the pastor’s anti-LGBT posts on social media, he confronted Taylor and put him on blast at Madrigal’s event, where the cameras were rolling for the Season 8 cast event.

Sandoval also allegedly waited to confront Taylor and Cartwright until after they fired the pastor and hired Lance Bass to serve as their wedding officiant. As Taylor noted, the issue had already been resolved when Sandoval came after them at the party.

Taylor went on to say that when it came to the end of his friendship with Sandoval, the relationship came to an end because his attack was “below the belt.”

“This is one of those topics that you can do a lot of damage to somebody,” Taylor stated.

Taylor made it very clear to Carp that he didn’t have any issues with Sandoval asking him questions about his pastor. The issue that he had was with how Sandoval spiraled after learning the information from another source and when he chose to stage his confrontation.

While Taylor went on to acknowledge the fact that he and his co-stars are often encouraged to discuss hot topics when cameras are rolling, he said Sandoval should have known that when it came to the topic of potential homophobia, he should have valued their friendship enough to have that conversation off-camera.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Taylor recently weighed in on his decision to re-invite Sandoval to his wedding by claiming he was bullied into doing so by his co-stars during an episode of the Vanderpump Rules: After Show.

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