Brittany Cartwright Explains Why She Was So Upset At Tom Sandoval For Confronting Her About Pastor

Brittany Cartwright doesn’t believe Tom Sandoval’s confrontation about her pastor at Peter Madrigal’s birthday party was in any way appropriate.

During an interview with Daryn Carp on People TV on March 18, the Vanderpump Rules star, who married husband Jax Taylor during Tuesday’s episode of the Bravo reality show, looked back on the moment she and Sandoval engaged in a screaming match after Sandoval chose to bring up past posts made by her pastor on social media.

“It was the timing,” Cartwright confirmed, according to a clip shared on YouTube. “He’s allowed to ask questions. You can do that in friendships.”

According to Cartwright, she was already crying her eyes out at the event, partially due to the fact that she was hammered after attending an hours-long bridal shower earlier in the day, and partly due to the fact that she had been getting hounded online about the many posts shared by her family pastor, some of which were deemed to be anti-LGBTQ.

Although Cartwright said she does her best to ignore the hateful comments she receives on social media, she was struggling to do so in that moment because there was just “so much” backlash about what he had said. Cartwright then said that she found it odd that Sandoval would confront her when she was already crying, and after she and Taylor had already fired the pastor as their officiant.

“We had already done something about it,” she explained.

Cartwright went on to say that while she understands that people’s feelings were likely hurt by the things her family pastor said online, she hopes that her fans and followers understand that she and Taylor did not say any such things, nor would they ever make anti-LGBTQ statements.

“We would never say things like that,” she shared.

After firing Cartwright’s family pastor, the couple enlisted *NSYNC singer Lance Bass to marry them in Kentucky last June as cameras rolled for the eighth season of Vanderpump Rules.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Taylor recently spoke out against Sandoval on Twitter, telling his fans and followers that when it came to the decisions he and Cartwright made for their wedding, they did so for themselves, not Sandoval or anyone else.

“We did,” he tweeted on February 18. “It’s our wedding it’s our choice. Period. I don’t give a f*ck what anyone thinks. We did what was right for Brittany and I. What Tom did was wrong… he had no tact.”

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