Lisa Vanderpump Reveals She Almost Called Jax Taylor’s Estranged Mom Before His Wedding

Lisa Vanderpump says she almost contacted Jax Taylor’s estranged mother before his wedding day last June. The Vanderpump Rules star said she wanted to make sure Jax’s mom, Marie Cauchi, was “sure” about missing his Kentucky wedding to Brittany Cartwright, but she realized the situation was far was “too complicated” for her to get involved in.

In an interview on Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules aftershow, Lisa said that after Jax lost his father, Ronald Cauchi, in 2017, his relationship with his mom was not in a good place, according to People. The Beverly Hills-based restaurateur noted that instead, Jax began to look at her as a maternal figure. Lisa said it was important for her to fly to Kentucky to be at his wedding, even though she was mourning the loss of her own mother, who had passed away just two weeks before.

During the aftershow, Jax said that after his father’s death there were a lot of hurtful things said with his mother, “things that you can’t come back from.” Ultimately, Jax did not invite his mother to his wedding, but his sister, Jenny, was in attendance.

But Lisa thought about trying to intervene in the mother-son feud.

“I was going to speak to your mother, but then I spoke to Brittany about it, and I just thought maybe it was too complicated,” the Vanderpump Rules star told Jax. “I wanted to talk to her as mother to mother, like, ‘Are you sure?’ I would have regretted not being there, and he’s not my son.”

Lisa added that if Jax and his mother don’t reconcile, Marie will miss out on other milestones, such as the birth of her future grandchildren once Jax and Brittany start a family.

“Is she going to miss out on everything?” Lisa asked. “To me, that’s very sad.”

Jax confirmed that he hasn’t had any contact with his mom since his father’s death more than two years ago. He admitted that his father, whom he adored, would probably want him to reach out to his mother. Jax said the guilt of what his father would think is his biggest problem with the situation.

Fans may recall that at the Vanderpump Rules Season 7 reunion, Jax revealed that near the end of his father’s cancer battle he wanted to go see him but was told by his mother to “wait.” In a heartbreaking reveal, Jax said that his mother should have told him that his father was in his final days and to get on a plane, no matter if his dad told her not to tell him how bad things were. Jax said by the time he was given the okay to visit, his father passed away, per

During the Vanderpump Rules reunion, Lisa told Jax that perhaps he could use the update show as a platform to reach out to his out mom. Brittany also said, “Marie, please reach out to your son.”

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