‘The View’ Co-Host Meghan McCain Misses Surprising Person During Coronavirus Social Distancing

It seems nearly everybody is making sacrifices amid the coronavirus pandemic, and the women of ABC’s The View are no different. Conservative co-host Meghan McCain tweeted earlier today and revealed that she misses somebody that many may not suspect she’d hate not seeing.

“I’ll say it – I really miss @JoyVBehar,” McCain wrote in a tweet that included a GIF of The View co-host.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Whoopi Goldberg moderated the show from home as she self-quarantines after she decided that was the best thing to do amid the coronavirus crisis. Last year Whoopi, who is 64, battled pneumonia. Also, co-host Joy Behar, 77, chose to stay at home because she’s in the high-risk category for complications from the virus due to her age.

Joy and Meghan famously disagree on the show, and recently, Meghan asked Joy if she would vote for her if she ran for president. She was noncommital, but she didn’t say no. After Joy announced her decision to stay home until things get better, Meghan tweeted that she loves her co-host and respected her decision to practice social distancing.

Some fans on Twitter didn’t really agree with Meghan’s declaration, though.

“I respect your opinion, but on this one, you are completely wrong. Some of the things she has said in that show (The View) are appalling!” wrote one person.

“Noir. She is too negative, bitter, and cranky. And she really isn’t that funny,” a second follower declared.

Other fans aren’t even sure how people get the chance to watch The View and decide if they miss Joy or not because the talk show has been partially preempted several times this week. The interruptions came as President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and the administration’s COVID-19 task force held briefings on the latest details of the United States’ response to the pandemic.

“So darn sick of Trump every day getting his fix by having a news conference during The View. He has no new lies I want to hear. He just needs attention to be in front of cameras since he can’t have his rally’s. How can I get The View uninterrupted?” asked a third fan.

Due to the pandemic, many television shows in the United States look a lot more different than usual, and it takes some getting used to. For now, Meghan and some of her other co-hosts on The View are still in the studio without an office and at a larger-than-usual table. It may be a while before she sees Joy as often as she typically does.

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