Epic Games Demos Unreal Engine 4 On Playstation 4 [Video]

Epic Games has released a new video which shows off its new Unreal Engine 4 on the next gen Playstation 4.

In order to show off what the engine can do on the PS4, the company showed off the game known as Elemental. The company has also demoed another game called Infiltrator.

Both games were selected as a way to truly show off what the company can go with their new engine and the videos that have been put out seem pretty darn impressive. Of course, in order for the engine to work its magic its going to need a next generation console and that’s where the PS4 comes into play.

Infiltrator is actually just a demo to show off the Unreal Engine 4 and is not actually a game that is coming to the next generation consoles. There are a few games that will be coming in the near future and running off of this engine though.

Daylight, Primal Carnage: Genesis and Fortnite are the first three games that will be using an engine that can obviously put out some pretty impressive graphics.

Epic Games was actually showing their engine on a high end computer, mainly because Sony isn’t comfortable with people getting their hands on the Playstation 4.

Still the presentation of what the graphics and interface would be once it was put on the next generation console was impressive enough to get people’s mouths watering at the GDC.

There weren’t a whole lot specifics offered up while the demo but rumors were floating around that the demo was actually able to be put together by a small team in a short period of time.

With other rumors pointing to the next generation video games costing about $10 more than current generation games, putting out better graphics might be one of the ways they can justify the cost.

Epic Games and their Unreal Engine 4 look to be a big step in that direction.

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