Kaley Cuoco’s Husband Says Her ‘Essentials Are Different Than Other People’s’ During Chat About Amazon

Kaley Cuoco had plenty of praise for Amazon during a late-night video session. However, she also expressed some concern over the e-commerce company’s announcement about its pause on warehouse shipments of nonessential items.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, Kaley uploaded a few videos to her Instagram stories that were filmed while she was in bed. She began by recalling how she totally freaked out when she realized that she had forgotten to change her address on her Amazon account. She was worried that the nightgowns she had ordered would go to her old address. Luckily, she was able to use the website’s live chat to resolve the issue.

Not long afterward, Kaley filmed a new video documenting her reaction to the news that Amazon is limiting shipments to its warehouses. The company is only allowing third-party sellers and suppliers to ship essential items like food, medical supplies, and cleaning products to its warehouses. This move was in response to delays and shortages caused by an increase in demand as the spread of the coronavirus forces more people to stay home and shop.

“Okay, now I’m hearing that Amazon is only going to be doing essentials pretty soon,” Kaley said.

The actress then turned to address her husband, who was in bed with her.

“Karl, what are we going to do?” she said. “I actually don’t know what that means. I mean, I know what my essentials are, but does that mean that I can’t order random stuff that doesn’t make sense, like nightgowns?”

“Yeah, your essentials are different than other people’s, honey,” Karl responded.

A concerned Kaley said that her essentials right now are the nightgowns that she often shows off during the sporadic episodes of her Instagram morning show, Cup of Cuoco. Kaley stated that the comfy garments are keeping her “happy and entertained” while she’s stuck at home.

Karl sweetly complimented his wife on the nightgown she was currently wearing by calling it “on fleek.” It was white with a tiny floral print, and it had a square neckline trimmed with triangle lace.

“By the way, guys, I got this on Amazon,” Kaley said as she pulled the camera back to give her viewers a better view of the garment. “Is that not adorable?”

Kaley ended her late-night Instagram session with some final thoughts on Amazon’s new policy, which is currently set to remain in effect until April 5.

“Okay, I still love Amazon, but I am confused at what is going to be available,” Kaley said. “So, I guess I’m going to find out like the rest of you. Oh boy.”

Luckily for Kaley, she should still be able to find nightgowns to order. As noted by Good Housekeeping, Amazon’s policy change only applies to shipments to its warehouses. Third-party sellers will still be able to sell their goods on Amazon’s website if they take care of the storage and shipping themselves. Amazon will also keep fulfilling orders on any items it has in stock.

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