Chicago Cubs: Jason Heyward Donates $200K Toward Coronavirus Relief, Food Pantries

The Chicago Cubs might not be playing any baseball right now but that doesn’t mean the members of the team don’t feel a connection with their fans. Knowing that their troubles are the least of the problems caused by the coronavirus outbreak, several major leaguers have announced various initiatives to help the public. Jason Heyward joined others who have already donated money and time to various causes. On Wednesday, he announced he’s donating a portion of his sizable salary to help fight the coronavirus effects.

Heyward announced he is divvying out $200,000 equally. Half of the money is going to an organization called MASK, according to Bleacher Report. That organization is working on collecting supplies and meals for families affected by the virus. The other $100,000 is going to be donated to the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

The donations underline that Heyward has clearly been affected by the outbreak. Not long before Major League Baseball announced it was shutting down Spring Training, Heyward talked about his concerns over coronavirus.

“I think if they move stuff back and they say pause for a second, then I feel like we all know and trust that it’s within good reason. If that means we’ve got to start later, then so be it. We’ve just got to be safe.”

This was before the country had really come to grips with how much was about to change. Still, Heyward knew enough about it to be concerned for his parents who are both just on the outside of what is thought to be the most high risk as far as age.

Jason Heyward’s actions really are just the latest move owners and teams have taken in professional sports to help those more dramatically affected by the outbreak and the shutdowns. On Wednesday, Major League Baseball announced on Twitter and other platforms that each team was going to be donating $1 million to the employees who would normally be working in the stadiums. That $30 million will be going to stadium workers both at Spring Training facilities and regular season homes like Wrigley Field.

Jason Heyward isn’t the only member of the Chicago Cubs going out of his way to do charitable acts on his own. First baseman Anthony Rizzo has been organizing donations through his foundation since the disease started rolling through the country.

The Chicago Cubs’ extended family of Major League Baseball has directly felt the effects of the disease to some degree. While names aren’t known of all those diagnosed, it was recently divulged at least three employees and or minor league players have tested positive for coronavirus.

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