Zelda Williams Finds Candid Photo Booth Pics Of Her & Her Dad During ‘Isolation Spring Deep Cleaning’

Zelda Williams, daughter of the late actor Robin Williams, decided to do some spring cleaning on Wednesday. While doing so, she uncovered some candid photos of herself with her father and shared them with the world.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Zelda posted the photo strip that had four images of the father and daughter together. She held the strip in her hand, noting that her “isolation spring deep cleaning” yielded some “GEMS.”

In the first shot, Robin and Zelda can be seen looking at the camera with wide eyes. The second snap shows the two with their mouths wide open while looking at one another. In the third photo, they both smiled for the camera and pointed at one another. The final picture in the strip featured Zelda with her hands over her face and her father pointing at her.

There is no doubt that the collection of images was a wonderful memory for Zelda to find, and it is clear that both she and her dad had a good time posing for the snaps.

Taking to Twitter, Zelda shared the photo there as well. She also offered some more information in a tweet after one follower asked if the photos were taken in the TRL photobooth.

“Yep! Went with Dad and @iamjojo when I was like, 16? 17? Roundabout that, haha,” she replied.

Within the first 15 hours of being posted to Twitter, the update had over 244,000 likes from her 320,000-plus followers. Along with a large number of likes, it also had over 22,000 retweets. The sweet post garnered over 1,900 comments from her followers as well.

“One side of my brain wants to cry The other side wants to laugh and smile,” one commenter wrote.

“Your dad was a comet that only comes around once in a lifetime. Special human being,” another reply read.

One follower suggested that Zelda frame the sweet image, but she tweeted that there was no need to do that.

“Uh, if I did that, I’d have no room for anything else! I was one of those kids with a camera around their neck every day thru my teens. Thousands of photos and negatives in my house. No need to print and frame them all!”

Robin Williams died in August 2014 at the age of 63. Fans remember him for his memorable roles in Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook, and Aladdin, the latter of which featured him as the voice of the Genie.

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