Jessa Duggar Wears Pants In DIY Video And Fans Rejoice

Jessa Duggar surprised her fans by rocking pants in a DIY video. On Tuesday, the 27-year-old Counting On star used her YouTube page to show off the results of a painting project. However, some viewers were more impressed with Jessa’s new casual look.

According to Jessa, many of her fans had asked her about the olive green changing table that was featured in her house tour video. She revealed that she got the table at a consignment sale, and it was originally black. Because the piece of furniture was such a big hit, she decided to film a video of the similar makeover that she was giving a changing table for her church.

The outfit Jessa chose for her DIY video included a loose-fitting black top with a wide V-neck. Over her shirt, she wore a long pink sweater cardigan. While she was sanding the changing table, Jessa lifted up her arm to reveal a large hole in the armpit of her cardigan, which she described as her “fav old sweater” in a caption that she added to her video.

However, it was the mother-of-three’s bottoms that got her fans talking. She completed her comfy outfit with a pair of pale pink drawstring sweatpants, which she was wearing pulled down low on her waist.

“I love that she’s wearing sweatpants in this!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in pants,” wrote one fan in the comments section of Jessa’s YouTube video.

“Jessa is wearing long pink pants and the next day a pair black pair. Way to go Jessa!” another fan wrote.

“I have noticed the last couple videos you have been wearing pants. Did you switch over!? Or just wearing both?” read a third comment.

In a later segment of the video, Jessa was shown wearing a pair of black sweatpants with a black and white striped top.

It was once a rarity for female members of Jessa’s family to be seen rocking anything other than skirts or dresses. As reported by In Touch Weekly, Jessa’s mother, Michelle Duggar, encouraged her daughters to dress this way based on her own “personal conviction” about what a woman should wear. However, after they got married and moved out of their parents’ house, a few of Michelle’s daughters began wearing pants. This change was viewed as so monumental that Jinger Duggar felt the need to have a conversation about her wardrobe decision with her mother before she began wearing pants publicly.

Jill Duggar has also been wearing skinny jeans and other pants regularly, and she’s even shared a photo of herself rocking a pair of black liquid leggings without a skirt over them.

So far, Jessa hasn’t spoken about her own decision to occasionally rock sweatpants, so fans will just have to stay tuned to see if she decides to address their questions about her wardrobe.

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