‘America’s Most Wanted’ Gets Canceled By Lifetime

America’s Most Wanted has been canceled by the folks at Lifetime.

The long-running show was given a second chance after it was canned by executives at FOX. A new episode hasn’t aired on Lifetime in over five months. The last installment of the series only managed to draw in around 800,000 viewers.

America’s Most Wanted was originally canceled back in 2011. The show ran for a total of 24 seasons after it debuted on FOX back in 1988. Lifetime originally picked up the program for 24 episodes, which it followed up with 20 more.

Since its inception, America’s Most Wanted has helped law enforcement officials track down and capture aorund 1,200 fugitives.

Host and executive producer John Walsh has been attached to the show since it started back in 1988. Although the show has been canceled by Lifetime, Walsh isn’t finished fighting crime just yet. The network and TV Guide Magazine are interested in putting together another show with Walsh. The show is tentatively titled John Walsh Investigates.

America’s Most Wanted was originally canceled by FOX back in 1996 citing high production costs. However, the network later picked up the show again after law enforcement officials protested the cancellation.

The show as originally put together by FOX executive Stephen Chao and executive producer Michael Linder back in the summer of 1987. After getting the concept hammered out, the duo hired John Walsh to host the program.

The first episode of America’s Most Wanted aired on February 7, 1988. Fugitive David James Roberts, one of the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted, was captured four days after the first broadcast.

FOX decision to cancel the show in 2011 was immediately met with protests from viewers. Many fans set up Facebook and Twitter campaigns in an effort to keep the show on-air. Although it worked for a while, Lifetime ultimately decided to end the show’s run.

Are you a fan of America’s Most Wanted? Are you sad that the show has been canceled yet again?

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