‘The Young And The Restless’ Star Greg Rikaart Shares Illness Update

Earlier today, The Young and the Restless star Greg Rikaart revealed he was sick at home with a fever during the COVID-19 pandemic. Naturally, he was concerned that he might have contracted the novel coronavirus. However, he later managed to post an update with news that eased his fans’ worries.

The actor, who portrays Kevin Fisher on the show, posted on social media this afternoon that he was sick at home in bed.

“I’ve been mildly symptomatic since Friday/Saturday. 100.5 fever, tightness in my chest, and a wet cough complete with some green phlegm. Before the fever, on Wednesday of last week, my dr said I had seasonal allergies. By Friday, he prescribed a Z-Pak, and yesterday, after zero abatement in symptoms following three days of antibiotics, I tried to get in to see my doctor again, and hopefully be diagnosed with the flu but also be tested for coronavirus. THREE offices refused to see me, including my primary GP, b/c I didn’t meet the CDC threshold,” wrote the actor, who is also the father of one child that he shares with his spouse Robert Sudduth.

Ultimately, he also had teledoctor appointments, and they advised him not to go into an office for care unless his situation deteriorated. Rikaart said he wanted to be tested for COVID-19 so that he would know how long to isolate himself from his family.

Ultimately, the actor posted a video of himself with an update on the situation. He thanked all his fans and co-workers for their support after his initial post. Then Rikaart revealed that a doctor had come to his house to check him out, and he tested negative for the flu. Although he wanted a test for COVID-19, it wasn’t possible because there’s still a shortage of available tests. He expressed relief that the doctor didn’t suspect coronavirus, but he also appeared frustrated that the U.S. didn’t have the testing capability that other countries reportedly have available.

His on-screen wife actress Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe) replied to the video and expressed her love for him. Then, she told Rikaart how handsome he is even in bed sick during the pandemic. He thanked the Chloe actress for her kind words, but then he noted that she might be a bit biased since they portray a married couple that is expecting a baby on the show.

Nearly 700 Instagram users took the time to type out a reply to the ill actor after he posted the update video. Rikaart’s illness posts came shortly after Y&R announced it would suspend production for two weeks.

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