Razer Edge Gaming Tablet Comes Equipped With Steam

The Razer Edge gaming tablet is coming with Valve’s steam software already loaded. The tablet that has already been billed as a full fledged gaming computer took a big step towards legitimacy with this particular detail.

This gaming tablet was first introduced at the 2013 CES, and, since that introduction, people have been trying to figure out just how legitimate that claims are. This little detail seems to lend credence to the claim that gamers will be able to get all the gaming experiences they would on a regular PC.

The Razer team announced at GDC that Valve’s steam would come preloaded on the new device. That means that gamers just have to start up the Steam dashboard and they can get access to the entire gaming library. The best part about Steam is, not only that there are more than 2,000 titles available, but the savvy gamer will be able to find plenty of games at deep discounts.

The Razer Edge gaming tablet is going to have a few problems operating exactly the way a normal gaming computer will — if only because it has a touchscreen rather than a mouse. The team has said that the tablet, which is running Windows 8 has ported enough controls onto its touch screen that there will be similar controls to a mouse.

There will still be some lag between the controls on the touch screen and the mouse, but, if you want to be able to take your Steam library wherever you go, this might be the device for you. The tablet also comes with EA Origin preloaded, so there isn’t really any video games you can’t check out with the device.

There are actually two different tablets that are somewhat similar. The Razer Edge costs around $1,000, and the Edge Pro is even more expensive going well beyond the $1,200 price tag.

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