Former Champion Teases Mysterious Connection To WWE’s Cryptic Tweet

Twitter is a strange place that can bring about the most hidden of personalities — even for a company like WWE. On Tuesday afternoon, the company tweeted a cryptic message that read in reverse and upside-down before deleting it about 10 minutes after it was up. About three hours later, former superstar Matt Hardy posted almost the exact same words in a different fashion, and it has fans buzzing.

In the early afternoon of Tuesday, WWE randomly changed its profile pic on Twitter to nothing more than a black background. The company also shared a post which read “The Truth Will be Heard” but it was written upside-down and backward, as reported by The Inquisitr.

Fans really didn’t know what to make of it as the tweet was deleted shortly after it went live and WWE ‘s account returned to normal. Fast-forward three hours and finally, there is another clue as to what it could all mean, as Hardy hopped on his Twitter account to deliver a cryptic message of his own.

As everyone can clearly see, it is almost identical to WWE’s earlier tweet, but with some slight differences. The most noticeable difference is that the words are written upright and going in the proper direction. A second change is the “DAMASCUS” added to the end, which could have a lot of meaning behind it if Hardy has anything to do with it.

One other difference that may be nothing more than a typo or slip of the keystroke, but it has to do with the word “truth.” For some reason, that word is not capitalized in Hardy’s tweet despite it being so in the weird message from WWE earlier in the day.

There was one particular fan by the name of Ben Tucker who, in a Twitter post, pointed out something very interesting in WWE’s version. The only two letters which are both upright and capitalized are the “M” and the “H,” which could signify it has something to do with Matt Hardy.

So much speculation is being thrown around, and it has certainly escalated since Hardy tweeted almost the same message that WWE did but just hours apart.

Both Hardy and All Elite Wrestling have teased coming together in the future, but nothing has been confirmed as of this time. Hardy is indeed a free agent after allowing his WWE contract to expire at the beginning of March, but where is he going to end up? With a mysterious tweet from one promotion and a tweet to match from the “Broken One,” fans are having fun predicting what the future may hold.

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