Amanda Bynes Threatens To Sue ‘Us Weekly’, Perez Hilton On Twitter

Amanda Bynes is threatening to sue Perez Hilton and Us Weekly for publishing stories about her recent behavior.

The actress has drawn quite a bit of attention to herself over the past few weeks thanks to the stream of content she posts to social media. However, Bynes is apparently tired of the constant criticism her behavior has generated as of late.

Since much has been made about Amanda Bynes’ recent antics, the She’s the Man star revealed that she intends to sue both Perez Hilton and Us Weekly for making her feel as though she’s done something wrong.

Her Twitter threat arrives one day after the actress made another peculiar remark on the social media site. According to Bynes, it doesn’t really matter you think of yourself. All that really matters in this world is what your lover thinks.

These newest comments arrive after Amanda Bynes shocked the world by delivering a tweet that stated she wanted Drake to “murder her vagina.” However, websites and news outlets have been buzzing about her behavior after a series of automotive mishaps last year.

Us Weekly recently ran a story about Bynes’ antics in New York. Witnesses told the website that the actress was pretending to be a ghost as she walked through Times Square with a shirt over her face. The article said she also ordered two beverages from McDonald’s that she drank at the same time.

Perez Hilton recently wondered about Bynes’ mental stability, which may have prompted the Easy A co-star to threaten him with a lawsuit.

“What happens with a lot of these celebrities is that, first of all they are exhausted. Their lives are exhausting. When you are sleep-deprived, you get a little crazy,” one expert told Hilton.

Some of the actress’ recent tweets are included below.

Are you a fan of Amanda Bynes? What do you think about the actress’ recent behavior on Twitter?

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