Scheana Marie Reveals How Dayna Kathan Could Have Prevented SUR Hazing, Reveals They’re ‘Good Friends’

Scheana Marie recently looked back on the alleged hazing of new Vanderpump Rules cast member Dayna Kathan.

During an interview with ET Canada, Scheana opened up about the early episodes of the show, explaining that while she was portrayed as some kind of bully or mean girl, she did not mistreat Dayna during the time she spent training her as a waitress at SUR Restaurant.

“I know it kind of came across as me bullying her [or] being a mean girl but it was lighthearted fun,” Scheana explained, according to a clip shared on YouTube on March 16.

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t bullying you to tell you to polish some wine glasses. That’s a job and it’s a job that I’m certainly not going to do 10 years later,” Scheana continued, directly to Dayna.

Scheana then said that it was SUR Restaurant’s manager, Peter Madrigal, whom she was taking orders from before pointing out that Dayna had denied kissing him during the premiere episode of the show. As she explained, Peter may not have been so tough on her at SUR if she had admitted to their past make-out.

Although Scheana admitted that Dayna likely felt that she was being bullied by her during her early days at SUR Restaurant, she also pointed out that Dayna knew what she was getting into when she signed on to appear on Vanderpump Rules. This is because she was a fan of the series before she joined the cast.

While Scheana and Dayna’s feud has seemed to be a running theme throughout the past several episodes of Vanderpump Rules, Scheana claimed during the interview that she never went out of her way to mistreat her new co-star. According to her, she and Dayna had plenty of nicer moments, including one where Dayna invited Scheana to her comedy show. However, these didn’t make it to air.

Looking forward to the rest of the season, Scheana said she hopes that viewers will soon see more of her happy times with Dayna, especially now that they are “good friends” and talk nearly every day.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Scheana said during another interview with Entertainment Tonight that she was just doing her job when she asked Dayna to polish glasses while allowing her other trainee, Charli Burnett, to join her on the floor of SUR Restaurant.

“I was just the messenger,” she explained. “I was just like, if that’s my job today to be the b*tchy trainer, then so be it.”

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