‘Total War: Arena’ Announced As Free To Play Title Coming This Year

Total War: Arena is the next title in the Total War series, and game developer, Creative Assembly, has announced that this one will go the free-to-play route.

This particular title will be multi-player based, according to the announcement by James Russell. Russell made the announcement during a talk at this week’s GDC. Among the other details given out was that gamers will be engaging in 10v10 battles.

Players will carry these battles out by each controlling three different units. Russell said that he would characterize the game as a cross between an MMORPG and a multiplayer online battle arena game.

Total War: Arena has apparently been in development for about a year and that the game developers are looking to gather a rather large audience. That large player stable is one of the reasons that they decided to make it free-to-play.

Going in the free-to-play genre is becoming ever more popular both for new games and for those that make the transition after they are released. This format is probably widely regarded as being one that is most often used on mobile gaming devices but is becoming more prevalent on the PC and consoles.

The game is working on giving gamers the opportunity to try out a closed beta in the coming months. Signing up on the official site will show your interest for getting involved in the closed beta testing and will also get you some exlusive items when the title is finally released.

Entering your email will apparently get you free access to Vanguard Armory items. Those could come in handy when starting out on such an expansive game.

Among the changes that Creative Assembly will be bringing with this game will be a new way of handling damage control. That and the difference in how you operate your armies will make this quite a different gaming experience from other Total War titles.

Will you be giving the Total War: Arena beta tests a try?

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