‘Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant’ Reportedly Canceled, Not Returning For Another Season

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant has reportedly been canceled amidst low ratings. However, while the cast may not be returning to the reality show, they reportedly are still under contract for the next two years and need permission from the network to pursue other options.

“There is definitely 110% not another season. The girls have been informed by their producers,” a source told The Sun.

Although they may no longer be filming their lives for the MTV show, that doesn’t mean they can pursue other options at this time. According to the source, if the girls want to do something outside of MTV, they will need permission from the network.

“They cannot do any other projects with their name and brand without MTV’s permission until their two-year contract runs out.”

A non-compete clause like that isn’t uncommon in reality tv contracts. In fact, former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans found herself in a similar situation after she was let go from the show last year. She has spoken out about her frustration with not being able to pursue other options until her contract is officially up next month.

While Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant reportedly won’t be back for another season, the cast members have stayed quiet about the news.

“The girls won’t admit there is not another season because they still want the thought of there being one,” the source added.

Fans suspected that something was going on when a reunion special wasn’t filmed. In fact, the last reunion special the Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant stars had was a special that shared the stage with the cast of Teen Mom 2.

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant aired for two seasons on MTV. After the first season, cast member Lexi Tatman was let go from the show and two new cast members, Rachel Beaver and Kiaya Elliott, were added. Even though Rachel and her sister, Malorie, brought plenty of drama, it sounds like it wasn’t enough to save the show from the chopping block.

Cast members tried to garner support from fans for another season on social media, according to the report. Rachel’s mother, Stephanie Bollen, hoped there would be another season so fans could see the changes her daughter had made.

“Rachel last season was made to look like a dumb young kid with no sense. There are big things going on and her growing up and steps she’s making so this next season will give her a chance to redeem herself,” Stephanie said on social media, as reported in The Sun.

MTV has yet to confirm the show’s cancellation.

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