Kayla Itsines Shows Off Muscular Figure In Recovery Band Workout

Kayla Itsines appealed to her fans’ requests for at-home workouts with a video showing alternatives to several exercises typically performed in a gym. The video was posted to social media site Instagram on Monday.

In the video, the fitness trainer wears two different outfits — one for the portion at the gym and the other for the at-home alternatives. The gym outfit consists of a black sports bra with double spaghetti straps that leaves plenty of skin exposed and gives viewers an eyeful of her muscular arms and toned tummy. On her bottom half, Kayla wears a pair of black gym short shorts that end just below her backside, putting the full length of her sculpted legs on display. Kayla completes the outfit with white sneakers and a silver Apple Watch. She wears her long, brunette tresses up in a high bun and adds a touch of makeup to highlight her facial features.

In the home portion of the video, Kayla trades the black sports bra for an ultra-light blue one, once again giving her followers an unobstructed view of her chiseled abs as she performs the exercises. She completes the outfit with the same black gym shorts and white sneakers while accessorizing with the silver Apple Watch and a gold bar necklace. She styles her hair in the same high bun.

In the video, Kayla demonstrates three common gym workouts, alternating each with its at-home equivalent. The first exercise is the bent-over row. At the gym, the fitness guru uses a barbell to carry out the exercise, bending over and pulling it up toward her waist. She replaces the barbell with a pink resistance band at home, placing it under her feet and pulling it up toward her waist in the same movement.

The second exercise in the video is the tricep kickback. For the gym portion, Kayla uses dumbbells to carry out the exercise. At home, she once again makes use of the resistance band. In the third exercise, the chest fly, the fitness trainer moves from a cable machine in the gym to a resistance band at home, making sure to target the same muscles.

In the caption of the post, Kayla tells her followers that she gets a lot of requests for alternative recovery band workouts. She explains that the exercises are exactly the same, but instead of using weights to add resistance, they use a recovery band.

The post earned over 15,000 likes and dozens of comments from grateful fans within the first day of being posted.

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