Ouya Gaming Console Launching June 4

Ouya, the $99 independent gaming console that was first introduced to the world on Kickstarter is going to officially launch on June 4.

This particular gaming console is attempting to upend the current market by being a new kind of open source gaming system. The console runs on Android and has openly solicited any developers who want to make a game to step up to the plate.

In a recent press release, the makers of Ouya pointed out that they have made it so that anyone who wants to try out a game on the system can download it for free and give it a go. This means that should you like the system, you will never have to buy a $60 disk again.

The Ouya console comes with a smaller than expect boxey type housing that won’t take up a ton of space and is quite light compared to the machines that Microsoft and Xbox 360 have put out.

The control pad looks quite a bit like what you would see from the Xbox 360 but also includes a touchpad in the center of the controller to go along with the D-Pad, buttons and triggers.

The gaming system is running on a Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset and the developers boast that the console will wake up automatically, doing away with long booting cycles. As far as games go, there are thousands of developers who are working on games for the device.

It seems like as least one way to go with this console is to work as an emulator for some of the more beloved gaming systems of year’s past. It was revealed earlier this year that NES, SNES, and Nintendo 64 emulators will be available on the console’s storefront when it launches.

When it does launch, this isn’t a device that will be hard to find. Amazon.com, Best Buy and Target are all on board as sales partners. You can currently preorder from any of those retailers and then sit back and anxiously await the June 4 deadline.

Ouya kickstarter backers are actually slated to get their consoles in the coming days, just one of the perks of hopping on this train in the early days.

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