Meghan McCain Slams Donald Trump And Conservatives For ‘Dangerous’ Coronavirus Response

Meghan McCain isn’t happy with the way President Donald Trump and other conservatives are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, and she wasn’t afraid to make her opinion clear on Monday’s episode of The View, as posted on Daily Motion.

The hosts of the show were discussing Trump’s Sunday press conference where he claimed that the coronavirus outbreak is under “tremendous” control, reportedly contradicting his own experts.

McCain said that the president’s claim was a clear indication that the GOP and the president are sending a message that is both contradictory and promoting anxiety in the country. She said that as a conservative, she has a distrust of the government anyway, but the recent messages emerging from the White House have exaggerated that feeling.

“The mixed messaging coming out of the White House now is not only irresponsible but it’s downright dangerous,” McCain said.

She went on to point out that Devin Nunes advised people to head out and socialize at bars and restaurants in order to goose the struggling economy, a direct contradiction of the advice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Disease.

Last week, Nunes took heat for saying people shouldn’t stay home and instead go out to visit local gathering places.

She also slammed Trump for shaking hands with other people, which was seemingly against the advice of experts about restricting touch with one another. McCain also said that leadership in a national crisis needs to come from the top.

“It’s our job as citizens to call out BS when we see it,” McCain said. “When you have people from the administration going on TV and saying they don’t know if we’re going to have enough ventilators. We don’t know if our hospitals can handle it. It’s more than fair to have righteous indignation as American citizens that I don’t believe they are handling it the way they should be.”

Host Whoopi Goldberg asked the hosts to discuss the social response to the outbreak, and the guests confirmed that they’ve both seen the best and the worst of humanity, with some people reaching out to help one another. At the same time, others have begun hoarding and fighting over supplies, showing a less positive side of people.

The guests and hosts of the show sat further apart than normal to help adhere to guidelines about safe social distancing, and the show filmed without a studio audience. Joy Behar was absent from filming as she has decided to take time away from the show amid fears of the virus’s spread.

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