Weekly ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Reveal That Carly Will Hatch A Plan Involving Sasha

General Hospital spoilers for the week of March 16 tease that Carly will be putting together a plan with which she seems to feel Sasha can be of help. A sneak peek shared via Twitter provided a hint of what’s on the way, and this surely has to do with Nelle, Wiley, and Michael.

Last week, Michael and his loved ones started scrambling to figure out how to best counter Nelle’s bid for custody of Wiley. Diane told Michael that getting married might help, and he got Sasha on-board with the idea. However, Diane then noted that Sasha would be a poor choice as she doesn’t quite have the stellar reputation necessary to impress a judge.

A lot of fans suspect that not too far down the road, Willow and Michael will end up getting together as a result of this Wiley situation. General Hospital spoilers hint that ultimately, Willow and Michael may form such a strong bond that it causes issues in their actual romances with Sasha and Chase.

This week, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Michael’s mom, Carly, will start tackling the upcoming legal battle from a different direction. At some point this week, Carly will get a chance to talk with Sasha, and while it’s not clear what she has in mind, a preview shared via the show’s Twitter account finds Carly telling Sasha that she recognizes her as “a good person who also knows how to do bad.

Sasha had initially been concerned to meet Michael’s mother when this romance started to blossom. However, Carly seemingly saw something of herself in Sasha and embraced her rather than to criticize or judge her.

SheKnows Soaps reports that the fight over Wiley will be heating up significantly over the next couple of weeks. Now, this week’s preview seems to suggest that Carly will want to align with Sasha to do something a bit questionable to try to guarantee a positive outcome for Michael’s custody battle.

Carly has a tendency to cross lines and it may not take much for her to persuade her son’s girlfriend to join her in whatever scheme she concocts; especially since Sasha did recently tell Michael that her last encounter with Nelle left her feeling quite determined to do whatever she could to keep Wiley safe.

In addition to the mysterious alliance between Carly and Sasha, previews for the upcoming week also seem to point to a fresh confrontation coming between Carly and Nelle.

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