‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Scheana Marie Claims It Was Her Job To Be Dayna Kathan’s ‘B*tchy Trainer’ At SUR

Scheana Marie was only doing what she was told when she seemingly mistreated Dayna Kathan while training her as a SUR Restaurant waitress during the early episodes of Vanderpump Rules Season 8.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight days ago, Scheana said that her treatment of Dayna was “all in fun” before explaining that viewers of the show didn’t see the moments leading up to her instructing Dayna to do busy work as her other trainee, Charli Burnett, did no such thing.

“I was being directed into what she was supposed to do from Peter [Madrigal], from other managers… I was just the messenger,” Scheana explained to the outlet. “But I was just like, if that’s my job today to be the b*tchy trainer, then so be it.”

Because Dayna was dating Scheana’s former flame, Max Boyens, at the time of their drama at SUR, many took Scheana’s antics toward Dayna as jealousy. Even Lisa Vanderpump, the co-owner of SUR, called Scheana out for supposedly acting envious of Dayna’s relationship with Max. However, according to Scheana, she was not jealous of Dayna’s romance with Max at all. Instead, she simply did not “vibe” with her new co-star.

“I think she has a similar personality to, like, Stassi and Lala [Kent], and that’s just not the type of personality that I’m drawn to,” Scheana explained, adding that she and Kathan did eventually become friends later on during Season 8.

Scheana went on to say that while she was not jealous of Dayna’s relationship with Max, who she dated for just one month prior to the start of filming on Vanderpump Rules Season 8, she was jealous that Dayna was getting to film moments of her career as a comedian for the show.

“You’ve been here for two seconds and you’re getting all of this?” Scheana wondered. “Meanwhile, I’m just at SUR and flirting with a boy. SUR, boy — no Vegas, no podcast… no anything else.”


As The Inquisitr previously reported, Dayna opened up about her ups and downs with Scheana during an interview with TooFab last month. At the time, Dayna said that while she and Scheana “kind of [came] full circle” in their relationship, she was nervous about the upcoming filming of the Vanderpump Rules Season 8 reunion. Dayna then said that when it comes to Lisa’s suggestion that Scheana was jealous of her romance with Max, she believes Lisa was simply “calling a spade a spade.”