Kansas City Chiefs: The Indianapolis Colts Have Mystery Competition For Eric Berry

The Kansas City Chiefs might not be looking to bring Eric Berry back, but it looks like his playing days are not behind him. The Inquisitr reported earlier that the Indianapolis Colts are hot on the safety’s trail. Now new reports indicate they are far from the only team interested in the former Chiefs star.

Matt Conner of Arrowhead Addict reports that there is a mystery team, or mystery teams, divulged by The Athletic. That publication also doesn’t know exactly who is coming calling for Berry, but there is likely more than one NFL franchise wanting to bring him back.

“The Colts, sources said, should expect competition for Berry’s services. The other suitors aren’t known. But just know this: the Colts will have to beat out others if they are to land the three-time All-Pro. They’ll also have to be patient.”

The interest in Berry might come as a bit of a shock to Chiefs fans. While he was one of the best defenders in the most recent era of Kansas City, injuries, age, and recovery from cancer had certainly slowed him in the last few years.

His last full season was in 2016, and it was a very good season. He racked up 77 tackles and four interceptions. Unfortunately, he played just one game in 2017 and two games in 2018. He missed the entirety of the 2019 season. There are now some people who believe he did so intentionally so that he could get as healthy as possible.

That approach has worked for some other players in the last couple of years. Now Berry is going to hope the year off is going to give him a few more years in the league. The Indianapolis Colts are hoping the Kansas City Chiefs are losing out on a player that has quite a bit of football left.

Conner points out, there might be a way to figure out the other teams interested in Berry. The Colts front office has ties to Kansas City. That’s thought to at least be a contributing factor in why they have an interest in the defensive back. Other former Chiefs front-office members have taken up residence in Atlanta and Philadelphia.

Conner also points out the Oakland Raiders could play a part in the pursuit. While there aren’t former KC staffers on the team, Jon Gruden likes veteran defenders. Las Vegas is looking to make a playoff push in their first season in their new home. It appears there could be a bidding war for former Kansas City star Eric Berry. At the moment, the Chiefs aren’t in the race but could end up having to face him in 2020.

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