AEW News: Company Official Discusses Possibility Of The Hardy Boys Joining Promotion

Now that Matt Hardy is a free agent, he is expected to join All Elite Wrestling in the coming weeks. However, during the latest edition of Grilling JR, by the way of, AEW announcer Jim Ross also discussed the possibility of the company signing Matt’s brother, Jeff Hardy, down the line as well.

“You know if you get Matt? Then maybe someday you get Jeff? Who knows, but nonetheless The Hardy Boys, grew up in WWE. Now they are on different roads it’s gonna be interesting to see how Matt and Jeff coexist in their lives on being on separate brands, separate teams actually.”

Jeff’s contract won’t expire for several months as WWE has added time on to his current deal, as a result of him being absent through injury and legal troubles. While the company will be keen to keep the veteran superstar, he might be inclined to join his brother in AEW down the line, especially considering that the company’s schedule is much lighter than WWE’s.

Ross believes that Jeff, when he’s healthy and sober, can be a huge asset to any wrestling company. However, the legendary announcer seems more interested in bringing Matt into the fold due to the assortment of qualities he could bring to the table.

“From his intellect to his character, his integrity, and existing in-ring skills can help any wrestling company. Including the one that I worked for at AEW. I wish him the best.”

Matt hasn’t confirmed which company he’ll end up in yet, but AEW looks likely since he recently made a video with Matt and Nick Jackson, who are the company’s executive vice presidents. The veteran performer is rumored to be the mysterious leader of the Dark Order faction, and he could appear on Dynamite in the coming weeks.

Matt recently revealed that he likes the idea of being a free agent and that he’ll be watching every company out there before he makes a final decision. However, AEW allows its performers to wrestle for other companies sometimes, so he could still appear elsewhere if he does join the young promotion.

While the legendary superstar left WWE to have more creative freedom over his character and storylines, he also hasn’t ruled out a move to NXT. Matt recently revealed that he’s had talks with Triple H about leading a faction on the black and gold brand, though it does seem unlikely now.

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