NFL Rumors: Teddy Bridgewater Mentioned As Potential Tom Brady Replacement

If Tom Brady moves on from the New England Patriots, it is going to start a chain reaction at the quarterback position in the NFL. Now that the new CBA has been officially accepted, teams are more clear on what they are going to be able to spend and who they will be able to sign or trade for from another team. If the sure Hall-of-Famer does move on, and The Inquisitr has previously reported there’s a very good chance he will, the Pats will be engaging in the same kind of musical chairs quite a few teams will be playing this spring.

One potential replacement for Brady could be coming from the NFC South. Jason La Confara from CBS Sports believes the Pats going after Teddy Bridgewater would make “perfect sense” given where they are as a franchise. Currently tied to the New Orleans Saints for another couple of days, he’s expected to try the free-agent market when the NFL’s new year officially begins.

La Confara points out a couple of different reasons why Bridgewater would be a perfect fit for the New England Patriots.

“Josh McDaniels can cater the offense to him, Bridgewater won’t flinch having to replace a legend – he’s been through so much already at such a young age – and the financial commitment won’t be massive.”

The money especially could be a big selling point for the Pats. One of the reasons they are expected to move on from Brady is because he is going to cost so much against the cap. That’s also the reason the team has decided to offer him something analysts believe will fall well short of anything that could keep him in New England.

If Bridgewater does end up as the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots, it would be the third team he’s started for over the course of his relatively young career. There was a time when he looked like the quarterback of the present and future for the Minnesota Vikings. This was especially the case when he led the team to an 11-5 record.

Injuries seemed to derail his career for a few seasons but he managed to bounce back in 2019 when Drew Brees went down. Starting five games for the Saints, he led the team to a 5-0 record. Teddy Bridgewater completed 67.9 percent of his passes for over 1,300 yards and nine touchdowns. He also threw just two interceptions last season. He ran for another four touchdowns and helped get New Orleans into the playoffs.

Whether or not Teddy Bridgewater replaces Tom Brady should sort itself out soon. The league’s new year starts March 18 and analysts believe things will move quickly.

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