‘One Piece’ Episode 924 Spoilers: Kaido Declares All-Out War Against Big Mom Pirates, King Makes His Move

The latest episode of One Piece, which is titled “The Capital in an Uproar! Another Assassin Targets Sanji!,” features several interesting scenes, including a brief but epic battle involving the Beast Pirates and the Big Mom Pirates. Though Beast Pirates’ captain and Emperor Kaido threatened to kill her, Emperor Big Mom still decided to take her crew to the Land of Wano to retrieve Zeus and have her revenge against Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates.

One Piece Episode 924 featured the Big Mom Pirates’ ship, Queen Mama Chanter, being pulled by giants carps to the entrance of the Land of Wano. Emperor Kaido and the Beast Pirates were already aware of the presence of the Big Mom Pirates in their territory. The Beast Pirates used their canons to sink Queen Mama Chanter, but all their attacks were blocked by Big Mom’s children.

The Big Mom Pirates easily passed all the Beast Pirates’ line of defense. When they started going to the waterfall, the Beast Pirates started to panic. Beast Pirates All-Star Queen, the Plague, asked Emperor Kaido what should they do next. Emperor Kaido stood up and told his men to prepare to engage in an all-out war against the Big Mom Pirates.

Before the situation worsened, Beast Pirates All-Star King, the Wildfire, decided to make his own move. One Piece Episode 924 featured King transforming into a Pteranodon using the Dragon-Dragon Fruit, Ancient Type Pteranodon Model. King flew where the Big Mom Pirates were and faced them all alone. Emperor Big Mom immediately recognized King and ordered her crew to attack him.

Unfortunately, they were unable to hit the enemy with a single cannonball. After a barrage of attack, the Big Mom Pirates thought that King was gone. However, when they reached the top of the waterfall, King appeared and caught them off guard. He then launched a powerful attack against the Queen Mama Chanter that caused it to fall back into the sea. Emperor Big Mom jumped into the giant carp, hoping to counterattack King, but she slipped and drowned in the giant whirlpool.

With Emperor Big Mom and her children mostly devil fruit users, most people would expect that all of them are dead after watching One Piece Episode 924. However, in One Piece manga, it was revealed that all of them survived, although Emperor Big Mom was separated from her crew and lost her memory.

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