Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Robert Isn’t Convinced That Liesl Is Guilty & Anna Isn’t Happy

Ex’s Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane will once again have it out next week on General Hospital. They have been at odds over Peter August for months now. Those two have been hashing it out over Anna’s son and on Monday, Robert will express his doubts to Anna and things will explode between them.

In the previews that were shown after Friday’s episode aired, the two will sit down together to discuss Liesl Obrecht’s arrest. Anna is on cloud nine after she got evidence that Obrecht was the one who killed Drew and made an attempt to shoot Franco and Andre Maddox. She is just happy that her son is now in the clear. General Hospital fans know that Peter set Liesl up and both Anna and Maxie have fallen for it. So has Nina. Spinelli and Jason know the truth and it looks like Robert will be taking Liesl’s side as well. Soap Central teases that Anna will be pointing a finger at Jason. It’s likely that she thinks he has a hand in convincing Robert that Peter is still guilty.

Now, Anna is hopping mad that Robert doesn’t trust her like he always has. He certainly thinks that she is not being rational about Peter’s guilt in all of this, let alone how he is manipulating her into thinking that he is completely innocent.

General Hospital spoilers say that Spinelli is desperate to find some proof that Peter set Obrecht up and that he is the one behind Drew’s plane going down and the attempted murder of Andre and Franco. He is anxious to save Maxie from Peter’s lies.

In the meantime, Obrecht is doing her best to convince everyone that she is innocent. No one has really listened to her yet. Britt is expected to pay her a visit on Monday’s General Hospital, but her daughter is going there thinking that she is guilty of the crimes. Obrecht expects her daughter to help her, but it appears that she may turn her back on Liesl as well.

That leaves Jason, Spinelli, and Robert who knows what Peter is capable of. Sam is also teaming with Spinelli to nail Peter. Franco may also rethink his conversation with Liesl and does what he can to help his BFF. Poor Liesl has been trying to turn her life around, but it seems that she is getting into even more trouble than before.

As for Anna, she just isn’t seeing reason, not even with Robert’s doubts. She thinks that he hates Peter so much that he won’t see the truth. However, it’s Anna that refuses to see it and she will be heartbroken when the truth is finally revealed.

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