WWE News: Big Show Says He ‘Lobbied’ To Be Part Of Controversial And Poorly Received Storyline

One of the most controversial storylines of WWE‘s “invasion” angle in 2001 involved former WCW superstar Diamond Dallas Page stalking The Undertaker‘s wife Sara. However, Big Show recently said in an interview that he had wanted to be involved in the storyline before it was given to DDP.

As quoted by Sportskeeda, Big Show — born Paul Wight — told If It’s On the Internet that he wanted to be in the role of the stalker. After seeing how the feud between The Undertaker and DDP turned out, however, he’s changed his mind.

“Remember the Undertaker stalker gimmick that they gave to DDP? I lobbied for that for weeks before they picked who was doing it. I thought that was the greatest thing ever. Glad it wasn’t me!”

The feud ended with DDP and his tag team partner, Chris Kanyon, being squashed by The Undertaker and Kane in a Steel Cage match, but they were booked poorly throughout the entire angle. Given that DDP was a big star in the rival company, many fans viewed it as WWE’s way of burying the former WCW talents and the angle was poorly received as a result.

Of course, if Big Show had gotten to participate instead of DDP, it’s highly likely that the feud would have been booked differently. He was an established WWE superstar at the time and held in high regard by the company. However, the storyline did generate some intrigue for DDP’s arrival, and it was a genuine surprise to fans when he revealed himself as the culprit.

During the recent interview, Big Show also revealed that he was in the running to be the mystery driver in the Stone Cold Steve Austin hit and run angle. The incident took place at Survivor Series 1999, the same show where Big Show won his first World Championship after replacing Austin in the main event. In the end, though, Rikishi was chosen as the driver, and Triple H was revealed as the mastermind.

The decision to make Rikishi the culprit was also poorly received by the WWE Universe. After that, Triple H became the centerpiece of the rivalry and Rikishi was an afterthought.

Despite missing out on some big storylines, Big Show has had a memorable WWE career. He made his return to the ring recently on an episode of Monday Night Raw, and he’s expected to appear on the red brand again moving forward.

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