Christopher Nolan After Matthew McConaughey For ‘Interstellar’

The tide sure has changed for Matthew McConaughey. It was only a few years ago that the actor was known for his lightweight romantic comedies, and now he’s left that image in the dust. Over the last two years he’s had stellar performances in Magic Mike, The Paperboy, and just barely missing a shot at competing for Oscar gold.

With all of that success it’s no wonder that McConaughey has director Christopher Nolan fast on his track. The actor, who dropped a tremendous amount of weight for his upcoming film Dallas Buyers Club, is being eyed for Nolan’s Interstellar. Interstellar is Nolan’s first run at an original film since finishing the 2012 The Dark Knight rises franchise.

Like most starts to Nolan’s film projects, the story around Interstellar doesn’t tell us much. Instead, Nolan offers up a vague one-sentence description. The film will, “depict a heroic interstellar voyage to the farthest borders of our scientific understanding.”

That said this film has promise, as it’s believed that Nolan’s brother and collaborator Jonathan Nolan has been long developing the project since 2007. Back then Steven Spielberg was set to direct it, but now that Christopher Nolan has the script in his hands, reports are coming in that McConaughey is his guy.

If McConaughey agrees to take the lead in Interstellar he’ll play a character named Cooper, and so far that’s all we know, but we’re sure Cooper will have a little of that Southern charm McConaughey gives to his characters.

Though Matthew McConaughey isn’t locked into the film just yet, Deadline has countered that no one says “No” to Christopher Nolan. However, McConaughey’s plate is sure filling up since his Magic Mike role. The actor is set to appear in the well-received Mud, The Wolf of Wall Street to promote during Oscar season, and has two other projects in pre-production.

Are you excited about Christopher Nolan’s return to the director’s chair?

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