‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Ariana Madix Opens Up About Skin Cancer, Says Early Detection Is ‘So Key’

Ariana Madix opened up about her discovery of skin cancer during a recent appearance on E! News’ The Daily Pop.

While appearing on the daytime talk show on Thursday, March 12, the Vanderpump Rules cast member was asked why she decided to come forward with her scary diagnosis as it was noted that Madix held off from seeing a specialist because of her “lack of insurance coverage.”

“I think what is so important about what happened with me was the early detection and noticing there was something weird and then being persistent at the doctor to get answers that got me to a point where I am in a good place,” she explained, according to a clip shared on YouTube. “I don’t want anyone to go through something worse than what I went through. Early detection is so key.”

According to Madix, she waited to see a specialist because she didn’t have insurance. Instead, when she needed care, she would go to an urgent care location to be seen. Then, after she got to a better place financially, Madix knew that she needed to go and see a dermatologist and ask about her concerns.

When one of the show’s hosts asked Madix what she would tell someone who was feeling concerned about their health but not wanting to spend the money to find out if something was really wrong with them, she said she would encourage them to go and see a doctor, despite the cost.

Madix then revealed that the Skin Cancer Foundation offers mobile testing. She added that it is a great resource for information regarding the disease that could help concerned people come to a better conclusion about whether or not they truly need to be examined.

Skin cancer is the most common of all cancers and anyone can get it.

After coming forward with her skin cancer diagnosis in November of last year, as The Inquisitr previously reported, Madix shared a video of herself being wheeled into surgery at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in West Hollywood, California.

After telling her followers on Instagram in November that she was initially hesitant to share her story, Madix revealed that the cancer had first been detected around Halloween 2018 and said the ordeal was the “spookiest thing I’ve ever experienced.”

“Being told that cancer was living rent free on my body for years was scarier than any 80s slasher movie,” she explained.

Madix went on to mention her amazing doctor and her boyfriend, Tom Sandoval.

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