Tom Brady Rumors Regarding Las Vegas Raiders Ramp Up After Ed Reed Tweet

Round and round we go and where Tom Brady stops, nobody knows. The most highly sought-after potential free agent in the NFL is generating new rumors daily as to what team he’ll eventually sign with. Still technically a member of the New England Patriots – for another five days anyway – there are few analysts who believe Brady will stay there when the league’s new year kicks off.

The rumor mill started churning again earlier this week when former Baltimore Ravens and Brady’s longtime friend Ed Reed posted what many thought was a hint on Twitter.

Short but sweet, Reed tweeted, “#Raidernation Brady I’m just saying.” He included a number of “thinking” emojis.

The tweet got plenty of Las Vegas Raiders and Patriots fans fired up, as there have been rumors Brady could end up in Vegas almost since the end of the Super Bowl. Yahoo Sports also points out that Reed is no fan of current Raiders quarterback Derek Carr.

One user tried to credit Reed as having some inside knowledge, posting on Twitter, “If Ed Reed is saying Tom to Vegas, I believe it! Remember that greeting in the tunnel? Pretty sure they’re… friends?”

“I didn’t say that,” Reed fired back quickly.

It turns out the Hall-of-Fame safety was simply rooting for Tom Brady to go to the Raiders just like plenty of Las Vegas fans are doing. The reactions to his tweet show just how eager people are to know where the Patriots quarterback will end up.

The answer to that question remains a mystery to almost everyone. Most whispers around the league have mentioned the Tennessee Titans, Dallas Cowboys, San Diego Chargers and Raiders. However, a new team appeared in the most recent rumors, as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are looking for a new quarterback.

The demand for Tom Brady is certainly strong. There are more than a few people who believe he will set the market for other quarterbacks looking for new contracts. It’s also assumed he could start a game of musical chairs at his position. Some of that impact will be lessened if he decides to stick with the Patriots.

It’s not yet known what effect the global coronavirus pandemic is going to have on the NFL’s free agency period. So far, the league has said it doesn’t plan on making adjustments. Whether that remains the case should be known soon, considering how fast decisions like this have been made this week.

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