‘Bachelor’ Peter Weber’s Brother Jack Says Madison Prewett Is Nothing Like How She Appears On Television

The Bachelor star Peter Weber’s 25-year-old brother Jack is joining his parents in slamming Peter’s final pick, Madison Prewett. Peter’s family has been getting a lot of hate lately for the way they treated both him and Madison during the finale. However, Jack insists that nothing is how it seems and Madison really isn’t how she is portrayed on television, according to E! News.

Fans have taken Instagram and Twitter by storm to criticize Peter’s mother Barb for how she spoke publicly about Madison, humiliating her on live television and failing to listen to her son when he asked her to stop her tirade. The hateful comments that came from fans were directed not only at Barb but also at Jack, who wasn’t even there for the finale.

One person tried to cool things off in the comments section of Jack’s most recent Instagram post.

“This is reality TV. They portray everyone and everything how they want for views and drama. Everyone needs to hop off and get a grip. If you think this is exactly how it went down then you need a reality check,” the user said.

Jack’s response was pretty shocking and did little to diffuse the situation.

“Dude facts. Half these people don’t even have the slightest clue as to how far Madi is from what the TV shows,” read his reply to the comment.

“Did you ever once think that there is a reason why only the family who has actually met this girl in person and knows what goes on behind the cameras has a different opinion? You need to learn how reality TV works,” he continued, in response to another hate comment.

Bachelor Nation has nearly all come together in support of Madison, who kept a smile glued to her face while Barb tore her apart on television. Even when offered a chance to retaliate following the accusations slung at her, she denied the opportunity to clap back, maintaining that she had only love and respect for Peter’s family.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Peter’s family desperately wanted him to end up with contestant Hannah Ann Sluss, but his heart was with Madison. After Madison evicted herself because she wasn’t sure she and Peter were compatible, he was heartbroken. However, he proposed to Hannah Ann anyway. After only a month, he knew he had made a mistake and called things off. He and Madison are currently back together and trying to pursue a relationship.

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