Chris Harrison Says It Wasn’t Madison Prewett’s Fault That She Was Late To Meet Peter Weber’s Parents

The host of The Bachelor, Chris Harrison, is standing up for Peter Weber’s final pick, Madison Prewett. Madison was attacked by Peter’s mother Barb during the finale episode on Tuesday evening for many things — one being that she was late to meet Peter’s family. However, Chris is emphasizing that Madison wasn’t intentionally late for the meeting, according to Cosmopolitan.

While in front of a live audience during the finale episode, Barb slammed Madison for not arriving on time to meet her, as well as Peter’s father and brother. She was especially angry that she never received an apology from Madison. But the truth is that Madison had never intended to be late and she shouldn’t have to take full responsibility for that, explained Chris. The reason that she was late was because she and Peter were having a serious conversation regarding their relationship and whether or not she would be able to move forward with him — not because she didn’t want to visit his family, as Barb alleged.

“Them being late was just as much on Peter as it was Madison. The reason they were late [was that] they were having a discussion out front. They were having a discussion of, ‘Are they going to do this? Are we even at the stage where we should meet your parents?’ That discussion was between the two of them so it wasn’t Madison throwing a fit. It wasn’t Madison doing her makeup and being late. It was Peter as well.”

As for what Chris thinks will happen regarding the future of Madison and Peter’s relationship, he’s remaining positive. However, he’s acknowledged that Barb’s harsh reaction to their relationship hasn’t been easy for them.

“I fully expected to see him on my porch last night,” Chris said of Peter.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Bachelor Nation fans and former contestants are not very happy with Barb right now after seeing how she treated not only Madison but also her own son during the finale episode. Many viewers felt that she was being too controlling of her son’s romantic life, despite the fact that Peter is a grown man at 28 years old.

Others slammed Barb for humiliating Madison on live television, and fans took to multiple social media platforms to criticize Mama Weber’s behavior, especially Instagram and Twitter. Fans are waiting to hear what Peter and Madi’s response is to Barb’s actions, but neither has publicly responded thus far.

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