Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian Threatens Nelle & Brad’s Getting Help From Britt

Emotions are running high all over Port Charles as the fallout from the baby swap continues on General Hospital. Spoilers tease that during Thursday’s show, Nelle will face threats from yet another nemesis and Brad is getting a little help.

After Sonny threatened him, Brad surprised everybody by pleading guilty at his court hearing. Scott tried to talk him out of it, but he wouldn’t budge. Brad tried to impress upon the court that Nelle was the one who initiated the swap, and after the hearing was over, Britt walked into court and surprised him.

General Hospital spoilers recently revealed that Kelly Thiebaud would be back soon as Britt and now, it looks like her story arc has officially started. During Thursday’s show, she will tell Brad that they will not let Nelle win, and it sounds as if she already may have some strategies for accomplishing this in mind.

At this point, Brad is feeling completely beaten down and hopeless. He shared a heartbreaking goodbye with Lucas just before Britt arrived, and he’s facing pressure from all sides. However, if there is anybody who can lift his spirit and get him to keep fighting, it’s probably Britt.

As Britt is talking with Brad, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Julian will be having a word with Nelle. It appears that she will show up at Charlie’s Pub and she will probably be feeling pretty confident. She got the charges against her dismissed and she’s suing Michael for custody, so she may be feeling pretty invincible at the moment.

However, Julian will do his best to squash that confidence. Spoilers indicate that he will quietly threaten Nelle that he’s going to make sure that by the time Wiley is grown up, he won’t even know she exists.

It appears that Nelle will do her best to remain cool, calm, and collected as Julian says this. However, fans have been suspecting for some time now that all of this might be building up to a murder mystery revolving around Nelle. Now, it seems that Julian can probably be added to the list of potential suspects, should that happen.

Interestingly, General Hospital spoilers have emerged indicating that Julian and Britt will soon be doing more than protecting Brad. It seems that the two will soon hook up, and viewers will be quite curious to see how this shocker develops.

Soap Central hints that Julian will be breathing a sigh of relief in the coming week. That makes it sound as if Brad will keep his word about not revealing Julian’s role in the baby switch — at least for now. However, General Hospital spoilers tease that there’s still plenty of drama connected to this storyline on the way.

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