Colton Underwood Tries To Lighten The Mood In Wake Of Bachelor Peter Weber’s Disastrous Finale

Former star of The Bachelor Colton Underwood posted on Twitter Tuesday in what seemed like an attempt to lighten the mood in wake of current Bachelor Peter Weber’s incredibly disastrous finale episode, according to Just Jared.

Underwood can certainly relate to parts of Weber’s journey, as the woman he fell in love with — Cassie Randolph — also left the show before he could propose to her. He later chased after her to win her back, just as Weber did for his ultimate pick, Madison Prewett. Underwood and Randolph are happily together to this day, showing that the whole process was ultimately worth it for them and that it is possible to have a happy ending after The Bachelor.

“In other news I still love Cassie,” he tweeted, seemingly trying to bring some positivity to the situation.

One difference between the Bachelor stars is that Underwood did not end up proposing to another woman after his heart got broken. As fans now know after seeing how his ending played out, Weber proposed to another woman, Hannah Ann Sluss, after Prewett left. His family, particularly his mother Barb, seemed ecstatic about this decision, as they appeared to greatly prefer Sluss over Prewett. It seemed that — in some ways — Weber was trying to please his family instead of following his heart.

Underwood joked about how much Weber’s family tried to control his final choice in the finale episode.

“I just wanna know if Pete still lives at home,” he tweeted, referencing how vocal Weber’s mother had been throughout the season.

The current Bachelor quickly realized how he felt and broke off the engagement with Sluss about a month after he proposed to her.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Weber’s family was in attendance at the finale episode and the camera zoomed in on Barb’s furious face when he explained to Chris Harrison that he was still in love with Prewett and intended to work things out with her. At times, Barb could be seen rolling her eyes in annoyance.

She slammed Prewett for the trouble she gave her son throughout the season and explained that she, along with the rest of Weber’s family and friends, did not expect their relationship to last. Despite her son telling her multiple times to please stop, she continued speaking about how much she disliked his choice.

She went on to say that Weber was “going to have to fail to succeed,” possibly referring to what she expects will be the inevitable end to their relationship.

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