‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Tuesday: Brad’s Got A Tough Lawyer, But He’s Still In A Very Tight Spot

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday’s show tease that viewers will see who will be representing Brad Cooper in his baby swap legal case. Scott Baldwin is stepping up to the plate on this one, but he certainly has his work cut out for him in winning this case.

As viewers saw shortly after Brad was arrested, he had an intense conversation with Julian. Brad was honest about how the baby swap initially happened. However, so far, he’s protected Julian and hasn’t revealed how involved his father-in-law was with all of this. The two agreed that Brad would stay quiet if Julian would ensure that a good lawyer took on the case.

Based on General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek for Tuesday’s show, it seems that Scott is going to be that lawyer. This should be fairly reassuring for Brad, as Scott is certainly a bulldog lawyer who isn’t afraid to push hard to help his clients. However, it looks like Scott will almost immediately put some pressure on Brad himself.

The preview teases that Scott will meet with Brad and ask a tough question. Brad will be handcuffed and dressed in an orange prison jumpsuit as he meets with Scott in a room, and the lawyer will pointedly ask if there’s someone else mixed up in all of this.


Fans will be interested to see if there is any background given to explain how Scott ended up taking on this case. Julian talked with Alexis about finding representation for Brad, and it seems likely this conversation somehow led to Scott taking on the job.

Some might wonder if Scott would be savvy enough to make the connection that Julian’s probably got ulterior motives for wanting to see his son’s estranged husband represented in this case. If so, Scott may be asking Brad this question as something of a test to see how honest his client is going to be with him.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Brad is going to be getting a warning during Tuesday’s show. Based on the preview, it looks like it could be that Scott warns Brad that this case could implode if his client doesn’t share the full truth about what happened. For now, however, it seems likely that Brad will continue to hide Julian’s involvement.

While Brad may manage this meeting with Scott, General Hospital spoilers hint that he may soon have another visitor who rattles him. At some point this week, it seems that Brad will face Sonny, and fans know that this has been a fear of his for months. The weekly sneak peek revealed a glimpse of this upcoming confrontation, and it appears to happen in the same room where Brad will meet with Scott.

Will what happens during this Sonny encounter nudge Brad to do anything differently with his case? Will Scott be able to prove that Nelle initiated the baby swap? General Hospital spoilers suggest that Brad will keep Julian’s secret for now, but he’s going to fight hard to ensure he doesn’t go down for the baby swap alone. Chances are that having Scott counseling him could make things quite interesting in the days ahead.

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