‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Madison Prewett’s ‘Hanging On By A Thread’ As Peter Weber’s Being ‘Straight Blunt’

The first part of Peter Weber’s The Bachelor finale airs Monday night with the conclusion to the wild season coming on Tuesday. The last that viewers saw of Peter and finalist Madison Prewett, she had reluctantly accepted one of his roses. Now, a new sneak peek from Good Morning America shows that they aren’t done struggling to make this relationship work.

The new preview shared Monday morning via GMA shows Peter greeting Madi as she joins him for a date. He hugs her and gives her flowers, then asks how she’s doing. The Bachelor spoilers reveal that she will admit that she is not doing well.

Based on what she says, it sounds as if this all takes place during the next date for Peter and Madi in Australia before she spends time with his family. She notes that this is the first time she’s talked with him since their difficult last conversation, which would be the emotional, awkward ending to their truncated overnight date.

“I walked away from our last conversation at dinner really frustrated and really hurt. That night, you really just put your feelings and your needs and your wants way above mine and that was really hurtful,” Madi tells Peter in the clip.

From there, Peter says that he knows he’s hurt Madi in a lot of ways and he tells her that he’s sorry. The Bachelor spoilers indicate that he will then be quite honest with her about where he’s coming from at this point.

“Going into that situation, I’m just being straight blunt with you right now and maybe you don’t want to hear this, but you’re the only person that I truly don’t really know how you feel. And maybe you’re not on the level that I’m at with you. But I feel like up to this point and me being so close to this type of decision that that’s something that I should know,” Peter shares.

Madi will ask Peter if he remembers being on her side of things and whether he held back at that time, seemingly hoping that he can look back and gain a better understanding of her hesitations. Spoilers show that he will try to reassure her that he knows exactly what it feels like to be in her position. However, it seems that this may not be enough.

After that, Madi will tell Peter that if she’s being honest, she’s really just hanging on by a thread. He looks quite serious as she says this, and that’s where the sneak peek ends. Spoilers for The Bachelor suggest that this obstacle is not going to be resolved after this date between the two.

Can Peter figure out what he wants and find lasting happiness with either Madi or Hannah Ann? The Bachelor spoilers suggest that this is going to be an intense, rocky finale, and fans have a lot to look forward to as these last two nights play out.

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