Weekly Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’ Tease That Brad May Finally Face Sonny’s Wrath

This week should be a wild one for fans of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that tensions will be running high and a new sneak peek reveals that there might be an intense confrontation on the way involving Sonny and Brad.

One of the biggest worries Brad has had since the day he swapped the real Wiley for Nelle and Michael’s son was how Sonny would react if he found out. Sonny considers Michael to be his son, and he would surely want to destroy any person who kept his grandson from him for more than a year. Brad managed to get Julian to help him hide the baby swap in part over worries about Sonny, but now the truth has finally emerged.

For now, Brad sits behind bars in jail. He told the truth about Nelle initiating the baby swap, but she’s managed to turn the tables and put all the blame on him. In the new preview shared on Monday via Twitter, it looks as if Brad may have a court appearance this week and Sonny might attend.

Based on the General Hospital spoilers available from SheKnows Soaps, it sounds as if this intense moment may come on either Tuesday or Wednesday. During the March 10 show, Brad will get a warning from somebody. Then, at some point during the March 11 episode, Sonny will make his intentions clear. The preview clip that has just been shared suggests that these two teasers might be connected.

General Hospital spoilers from the preview detail that Brad will be sitting somewhere, handcuffed, wearing an orange prison jumpsuit. Sonny walks into the room, and Brad quivers as he asks the mob boss what he’s going to do. Then, Sonny strides over and pulls Brad out of the chair.

Brad whimpers an “oh God” as Sonny pulls him up, and that’s where the preview ends.

Some fans might wonder if this encounter really happens, or if it might be a figment of Brad’s imagination. The writers do love to do that to fans, and that was the case a while back when it looked as if Michael was going to physically attack Brad while they were at the courthouse for a hearing involving Nelle.

This confrontation might actually play out this week, but it seems unlikely that Sonny could stride right into a room where Brad is sitting. It also appears that Brad is alone in the room, another component that seems unlikely and could suggest that this is something he envisions happening rather than truly endures.

Whether Sonny really does confront Brad or it’s all just a daydream, General Hospital spoilers do hint that there will be movement on this case this week. Nelle has managed to be sprung from jail, but Julian has promised to get Brad a fabulous lawyer to try to get them both out of this mess.

Not much more about Brad’s fate has been revealed yet. General Hospital spoilers do reveal that Michael will have a serious discussion with Sasha about strategies for keeping Wiley from Nelle, and it sounds as if this legal war is going to continue for the foreseeable future.

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