Reality Steve Reveals Major Change In ‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers For Peter Weber’s Final Rose Ceremony

Peter Weber’s finale of The Bachelor airs on Monday and Tuesday night this week and spoilers tease that there may be a rocky ending ahead. Rumors have been swirling for months regarding what happens and spoiler king Reality Steve shared the latest details he has gathered, just hours ahead of the finale airing on ABC.

Last week, Reality Steve’s spoilers broke down what he felt he had been able to confirm regarding Peter’s ending. Much of it synced with what fans had been speculating already. However, just moments after Reality Steve shared his overall The Bachelor spoilers for Peter’s finale, he was hearing from sources who said he had some details wrong.

Now, Reality Steve says he’s firmed up his spoilers for The Bachelor finale and there are some significant changes in comparison to what he detailed last week.

“So overall, what I reported Thursday is basically correct, but there were some things that were wrong and I will be able to fill in a few details I didn’t have yet,” Reality Steve teased in his Monday morning post.

Spoilers indicate that what he previously shared about Madison Prewett quitting before the final rose ceremony remains intact. He said he believes she leaves the day before, but he isn’t absolutely certain on the timing. She does, however, meet his parents and appears to have her last-chance date.

Earlier on, Reality Steve’s spoilers indicated that there was no proposal at the final rose ceremony. Now, however, he is changing that. He amended his statement to say that Peter does get engaged after presenting his final rose to Hannah Ann Sluss.

That is a significant change from what the spoiler king shared last week. At that point, he was under the impression that Peter cancelled the final rose ceremony entirely. Reality Steve had been told that Peter chose not to keep Hannah Ann, as he wanted to talk to Madi before making a final decision. Now, however, spoilers indicate that’s not how those final moments of filming played out.

“The main thing I was wrong about: on Thursday I said that Peter cancelled the final rose ceremony until he could talk to Madison, who had already left. Didn’t happen. Peter gave Hannah Ann his final rose AND they got engaged that day,” Reality Steve wrote.

In addition, The Bachelor spoilers indicate that Peter broke things off with Hannah Ann after filming ended. The preview that shows him tearfully apologizing to someone seems to be when he breaks up with Hannah Ann back in California at some point.

Why did the Bachelor break things off with Hannah Ann? Spoilers reveal it’s because he wanted to pursue Madison.

Reality Steve said that Peter did make contact with Madison after he ended his engagement and they reunited. However, exactly where things stand now is not fully known. Fans will see this all play out this week and everybody will be curious to see what Peter, Madison, and Hannah Ann have to say about it all during Tuesday’s After the Final Rose.

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