‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Spinelli Is Desperate To Save Maxie From Peter

Damian Spinelli is all shook up — even more than usual — this week on General Hospital. He is back in town and ready to save his ‘Maximista’ from the clutches of Peter August, aka Henrik Faison. Maxie has been blinded by love and her need to believe that the man who has stolen her heart has turned his life around. Unfortunately, he has not and Spinelli has his eyes set on making sure she realizes that.

As shown in the sneak peek preview for Monday’s General Hospital, posted on ABC‘s website, Spinelli confronts Jason about Dr. Obrecht’s arrest. Spinelli knows that Peter set the doctor up to take the fall for killing Drew and for the attempted killing of Andre Maddox and Franco Baldwin. He is so worked up that he can barely get the words out to Jason. Both men know that Obrecht had nothing to do with the memory transfer, so her arrest doesn’t make any sense. Maxie now believes that Obrecht committed the crimes. However, the person who is really responsible is holding her in his arms.

Jason tells his BFF that he can’t make Maxie believe something she doesn’t want to. So far, Spinelli hasn’t approached his ex with all of his findings about Peter until they can actually nail him. She is convinced that — despite being Faison’s son and doing some terrible things in his past — he is trying his best to turn things around for her and James.

Spinelli knows how despondent she will be when she finds out the truth and he is getting even more desperate to make that happen. General Hospital spoilers tease that Maxie will be supporting her man and that will make it even harder for Spinelli to keep it all from her.

The Inquisitr had previously detailed that Obrecht will quickly realize who set her up. Anna Devane was the one who sought her out to have her arrested and it was obvious just how much pleasure it gave her to have Obrecht taken down for the crimes that she thought maybe her son had done. Now she feels relief that Peter is in the clear.

Anna will end up looking foolish when the truth comes out that she has been conned by Peter. Both she and Maxie are set to get their eyes opened to Peter’s misdeeds soon, which will end in heartbreak for the women. General Hospital fans are certainly ready to see Peter get what’s coming to him, no matter how many people the truth hurts.

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