‘Bachelor’ Fans Think They Know Peter Weber’s Ending Due To His Clothing In The Previews

Dedicated Bachelor fans have a new theory regarding Peter Weber’s ending, and it is based upon the clothing he is wearing in the previews of the tense finale episode. They believe that his clothing in various clips from the sneak peek are all clues about which woman he chooses, according to Refinery 29.

In one of the clips, a somber-looking Weber can be heard telling a woman off-screen that he wants to make things work between them. While the woman is not visible, the conversation seems to suggest this is who Weber chooses in the end. In this particular clip, he wears a blue button-down shirt. In another clip, Weber sits alongside his sobbing mother who begs him not to let go of someone, encouraging him to chase after her. He is again wearing the blue button-down shirt.

It is already known that Madison Prewett, one of Weber’s final two, is on shaky ground in terms of her relationship with Weber. After he slept with other women during the fantasy suite date, despite Prewett telling him she was uncomfortable with this, she was unsure of whether she saw a future with him anymore. The last episode left off with Prewett still being hesitant in terms of their relationship.

While Weber’s other choice, Hannah Ann Sluss, has remained perfectly confident throughout this process regarding her relationship with Weber, it would be unexpected and strange for her to turn down a proposal from him. Thus, most fans take this to mean that Weber chooses Prewett and that she breaks up with him, causing him to try to chase after her.

Fans won’t have to wait much longer to find out whether their predictions and theories are correct. The finale episode is Monday, March 9, during which fans will finally get to see whether Weber finds lasting love.

The exact ending is said to be very complex and to involve multiple people. This ending has not leaked completely, but a reality television blogger has made guesses as to how he thinks it will go down, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

“It took a while and Peter really had to work hard to get her to trust him, and get her to believe he was sincere in all this. He ultimately did it, and that’s where they’re at now,” Reality Steve said, though he admitted he wasn’t entirely confident in his prediction due to receiving mixed information.

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